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The most tailored program for your engineering early-career goals .

Underdog Engineers is the only career accelerator program of its kind that not only shows you how to network with engineering leaders like a pro — but also how to land and nail the job interview to put your engineering career on an upward path to success.

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    Mel Butcher

    Engineer, and

    Underdog Engineers Career Guide!

    Who are you?

    Did you go into engineering because it's your passion or dream despite the fact that no one in your family was an engineer or scientist?

    Did you choose engineering because it's a solid career path even though you had no one to guide you? ​

    If that sounds like you, and you're struggling or getting nervous about your engineering job search, then Underdog Engineers is for you!

    If you decide to enroll in Underdog Engineers, you will get...

    • A clear understanding of careers in Civil/ Environmental Engineering
    • Resume enhancement
    • Networking skills for the engineering world
    • Refined interview skills

    But above all else...

    Underdog Engineers will give you the confidence to finally pursue and have a real chance at landing your target job.

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    Course begins: Sept.